Review Marc Jacobs Decadence’s perfume has a long lasting fragrance?

Review Marc Jacobs Decadence’s perfume has a long lasting fragrance?

Perfume Marc Jacobs Decadence is the last candidate in the list of the most loved fragrances of this cult brand. Despite being released in 2015, Marc Jacobs Decadence Eau De Parfum still brings irresistible charm to all girls. This fragrance line has become a symbol of glamor, luxury will help you understand more about Marc Jacobs Decadence Eau De Parfum fragrances to see how the design is, the scent is very special. .



The Marc Jacobs brand is now too famous for its high-end products with outstanding prices aimed at people with high incomes in the market. As you know, the Marc Jacobs luxury brand is the first product line created by the designer of the same world famous name – Marc Jacobs. In 1981, Marc Jacobs had a passion for fashion design and graduated from the High School of Art and Design. Not stopping there, he continued his further studies at Parson School of Design in New York City. Right time as a student, Marc Jacobs received a prestigious award when participating in the contest “Golden Gloves”.

In 1986 was the time when the Marc Jacobs brand launched with the first collection in association with the American company Kashiyama and was successful with another award, Perry Ellis for innovative new fashion. At this time, Marc Jacobs had the opportunity to work under the management of the Perry Ellis company, but in 1993 he soon left the company to produce and supply clothing named Marc Jacobs himself. In turn, Marc Jacobs menswear collections regularly appear on the professional catwalk and shortly after 1997 he joined the world’s leading fashion brand Louis Vuitton, taking the position of creative director. In 2001, a line of products in the mid-range segment for the better-off named Marc by Marc Jacobs was launched.

Also in 2001, Marc Jacobs started to produce a variety of fragrances with his first fragrance, Marc Jacobs For Women, a line for women, a year later the appearance of the fragrance. Marc Jacobs chooses. Not only perfume for men or women, Marc Jacobs has been more creative when producing a bisexual unisex perfume for all sexes with different scents such as cotton, cucumber. , figs, … The fragrance for women named Daisy has inspired many other fragrances around the world. Women’s fragrances Lola sold best in the market in 2009 and the men’s Bang Bang scent became popular among young people.

Brand: Marc Jacobs
Origin: USA

The critics have evaluated that Marc Jacobs Decadence perfumes have the most fancy and unique exterior design in today’s fragrance lines. According to Marc Jacobs, the Marc Jacobs Decadence perfume bottle is inspired by the look of a mature woman full of elegance and confidence. The design of Marc Jacobs Decadence is that beauty, adding to the charm to the ecstasy. As mentioned above, this perfume line is known as the divine blue handbag, the reason is because Marc Jacobs Decadence has an identical design to a trendy handbag.

The body of Marc Jacobs Decadence is made of emerald green glass material – the color of nature and fertility, growth and development. The lid on the back uses black as the main color, the two sides are designed with snake skin lines to create a soft, noble look. Marc Jacobs Decadence is like a handbag, so it is impossible to ignore the luxurious and unique gold-plated metal strap.


Currently on the market the price of Marc Jacobs Decadence perfumes is quite expensive. With a volume of 30ml, it will be priced at 75$ and for a Marc Jacobs Decadence 100ml the price will be 150$. The address to buy prestigious and quality Marc Jacobs Decadence is the shop specializing in selling hand-held products. Or you can buy online on reputable electronic resellers like Lazada or Lotte.

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Every drop of Marc Jacobs Decadence’s perfume crystallized in each product is the passion that Marc Jacob wants to bring to half of the world – but the mature girl is always immersed in the sweet seductive scent. Prologue Marc Jacobs Decadence will bring the gentle sweetness of plum, saffron and dances. Coming to the second fragrance will help you clearly feel what is the delicate jasmine, sexy sexy of the Bulgari rose. The final scent is a bit of rough Papyrus, warm amber.

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Incense retention

This fragrance line, whose full name is Marc Jacobs Decadence, is a regulated concentration of aroma on the skin that is okay, the fragrance on clothes and hair is quite good. Marc Jacobs Decadence belongs to the fragrance group that is only about one stride, so you will both feel comfortable because the scent is not too strong and unpleasant. She is still completely confident in joining the luxury party with Marc Jacobs Decadence, you will become seductive, attracting all eyes because the fragrance is so attractive.


Marc Jacobs Decadence was launched in 2016, but so far the hotness has not cooled down and this fragrance line continues to be a trend for many years. Perfume Marc Jacobs Decadence carries in itself a trendy, luxurious but not fussy user. With just one drop of Marc Jacobs Decadence perfume, you will be more refined and seductive than ever.

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Frequently asked questions

History of Marc Jacobs Decadence?

Following the success of the Marc Jacobs Decadence fragrance line launched in 2015, being a seductive embodiment with sophistication, in September 2016, the new fragrance is lighter than Marc Jacobs Decadence Divine introduced by Marc Jabcobs. .

How to use Marc Jacobs Decadence perfume?

Spray perfume when body is clean, dry, or after applying moisturizer to keep smells longer
Hold the spray bottle about 12cm – 15cm away from your body and point the nozzle towards you. If the perfume is getting wet, you are spraying too close. Wait for the “pulse point” to dry naturally without rubbing it (this habit removes the scent and smells the perfume)
Spray perfume at pulse points (neck, chest, pulse points, forearm or elbow): these are areas with blood vessels located near the skin surface. These spots are warmer than others, the warmth helps diffuse the scent well.
Use fragrances suitable for the seasons and weather: because heat and humidity will greatly increase the scent, use a milder fragrance (called lotions, cologne or toilette) in the summer. Save for perfumes named perfume or parfum, with higher odor concentration, for the winter.
Perfume can cling and smell good or not depends on the location, time, space used.
Choose the right fragrance: if you just go for a walk, go to work or go to the beach, use a daytime fragrance. If you’re preparing for a date or going out for dinner, you might want to try perfume at night.
Night perfumes are usually sprayed on the neck or near the neck area. The reason is because the perfume at night does not last long
Daytime perfumes are usually sprayed on the hips or knees. This is because the fragrance of day fragrances is fragrant all day long and is more chewy. Use a little more moisturizer near the place where you are going to apply the perfume to make the scent last longer.

Preserving Marc Jacobs Decadence perfumes?

Fragrances are not only thin and fragrant over time, but also discolored and degenerated resulting in an unpleasant fragrance. If stored incorrectly, perfumes can start to deteriorate after a few months.
Light: exposure to light for a period of time will definitely degrade the perfume. Perfume should be stored in the box, in a dark, dry place (closet, shelf).
Temperature: too high temperature fluctuations will quickly spoil the scent. So, leaving the perfume in the bathroom is likely to deteriorate much faster than the perfume stored in another space (closet, cupboard, …).
Expiry date:
Designer Perfumes usually have no expiration date. In some Countries it is imperative that notation expiry date for goods to be sold on the market. Most perfumes have a shelf life of 24 to 36 months, and from the date you open the product or use the first spray.

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